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Client Testimonials

"Amanda does an incredible massage!  I have been to several this year and this is the 1st time that I felt completely relaxed and tension free.  Shopping around for a massage therapist is complete!  You won't regret choosing her."

-Todd Miller


"Very pleased with my visits to Amanda.  She really listens to my needs and targets where I need it the most.  She also finds some spots I didn't even realize were tight and stiff.  I always feel great after.  I run quite a bit and this has become an essential part of my recovery.  I will be back for sure."

-Rich Fela


"Amanda is all around wonderful! Her technique is excellent, shes knowledgeable, kind and professional! Would recommend to anyone!"

-Amy Jeffreys


"I just moved and was really sore and full of aches and pains. Amanda was amazing!! Excellent at her job and clearly loves it! I feel so much better!"

-Marcey Buford


"I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking for a massage therapist. I was having extreme pain in my shoulder from changing desks. The pain lasted for weeks. After 1 deep tissue massage, it was 100% better."

-Holly Hedges


"Terrific massage today by Amanda!  I will  definitely be going back.  She listened to me and concentrated on my target areas, without neglecting other areas.  She's very professional and super friendly. Her studio is a clean and happy environment!!"

-Becky Davis


"Thank you Amanda, my massage was PERFECT... I recommend you highly and will tell everyone to give you a call. 

I have only had a few professional massages and was on the fence, but today was amazing. The pressure was perfect and I could actually feel myself relaxing."

-Deana Snedden


"Amanda is one of the best massage therapists anywhere.  She is great at listening to you about what your body needs.  But even more importantly, her gifted touch uncovers sore, tight, and tense spots that you may not even know you had.  She is so experienced, knowledgeable, and talented that she can work out your trouble areas with different techniques to help you relax.  She is equally good at bodywork as relaxation and is great at combining these approaches.  What is best about Amanda is her personality.  She has a joyful, healing spirit that makes any interaction with her a pleasure.  I went to her once a month for years to be able to keep walking, working out, and sitting at the computer without aches and pains.  I was so sad she moved and already miss her.  What a loss for Peoria and a gain for those of you who live in the Bloomington area."

-Rebecca Eder


"Top tier knowledge and expertise. The sports massages I receive from Amanda have no rival. Very specialized techniques! Can be as deep and therapeutic as you can withstand OR relaxing and refreshing. I specifically have suffered a torn pectoral muscle several years ago and have very tight shoulders that limit my flexibility. Over time, Amanda's services have greatly relieved many of the issues associated with my injury and tightness."

-Jeff Gasick


"Amanda is the first professional massage therapist I've ever been too. She worked out alot of pain that I was dealing with and I felt so comfortable there. I have no intention to go to anyone else. This is the person to go too people! So good that I'm sending my wife there. Amanda you got my vote and I will be back! Thanks Again!"

-Joshua Edwards


"Amanda is honestly the best massage therapist I have ever been to! She is highly professional and yet at the same time, warm and caring. I always want a deep tissue massage and she was excellent. I can't say enough good things about Amanda and I would recommend her to anyone!"

-Melody Johnson


"Amazing massage... I haven't felt this good in a long time. Highly recommended! Thank you!!!'

-Dawn Hawkins


"I have had one massage in my life---last February and Amanda was my massage therapist. She does an amazing job and it is so relaxing and so soothing. If you live in the area, I hope you will go see Amanda. She's awesome!"

-Steve Endsley


From a Peoria client (former location), sent after I relocated to Bloomington:

"I relocated to Peoria six years ago for work and was in desperate need for a good massage therapist. 
So after trying out over a half dozen places throughout Peoria, I never really found someone that I was impressed with. 
Going to the gym and working out 5-6 days a week your muscles get very tight and I would get headaches due to the tense muscles. I like to get massages every couple of months to relieve that tension. When I met Amanda at the gym and went to see her for a massage, I have to say I found the massage therapist I was looking for. Not only is Amanda very nice, friendly, and professional, but she really seems to know how to hit those spots that no one else was able to. Thanks Amanda going to miss ya." 

Jeff S.


"Amanda is a very professional and knowledgeable massage therapist. She always paid attention to my body and health then she would customize the treatment to suit my need at each session. I never had a regular therapist before, once I found her I had to commit to seeing her regularly. It's unfortunate for me she moved away. I wish the best of luck to her and her family. I would highly recommend her to everyone."

-Sajee Orrison


"If you're looking for top quality MASSAGE, then Amanda B is the LMT Therapist your looking for. She is the cream of the crop in my book. She's has taken a manifold of continuing education to help a diverse group of people with chronic conditions, for a specific injuries or even relaxation. I am so thankful for her. She is AWESOME. thanks Amanda you have helped me so much. I have enjoyed the essential oils too."

-Dawn Miller


“I have been seeing Amanda for a couple years now. I have always had trouble targeting certain muscle groups due to joint pain. (Bodybuilding.) Amanda knows exactly what muscles need to be worked and stretched. My tendons feel so much better after every visit. She also gives tips on what to do to help. I will be driving to Bloomington just to see her. Very happy with the results.”

-Ibrahim Monla


"I have been seeing Amanda monthly for the last year or more.  Before every session she asks what areas are troubling me and truly concentrates on those areas until that muscle releases the tension.  I feel very comfortable in her care and trust her completely so I can relax into the massage.  I love how she incorporate essential oils to fit my needs for the day,  She has been wonderful!"

-Barbara Ruth


“Amanda is one of the most talented massage therapists I know. She is extremely knowledgeable, very professional and treats each client individually to specifically meet their needs. She is truly one of a kind.”

-Sara Howard


“Amanda is the first massage therapist I ever went back to for a second massage! I used to go to one therapist who offered a special and then onto the next one. Once I used Amanda my massage therapist hopping days were over. Once you have had the best you truly won't settle for less. You won't regret your choice in choosing her for your care!! Her pressure is perfect and she is extremely professional. She is worth every penny!”

-Tiffany Noel


“I have been going to Amanda for 2 years and she is the best massage person I have found! Her deep tissue massages are wonderful, she definitely focuses on my concerns, really listens, and modifies the massage each time based on what I tell her. During my first massage with Amanda I told her I liked mint aromatherapy, she remembered each time I went back and I didn't even need to ask-I have never had a massage person personalize the massage and remember my preferences like Amanda! If I told her of an issue with my back one month she would remember when I went back and focused on that area again. I can't say enough good things about Amanda, You won't regret going to her!”

-Angie Staley


“Absolutely the best massage therapist I have been to. I have had foot/ankle problems for many many years and the way Amanda is able to target the problem area with massage has been amazing. I do not need to get shots at the podiatrist anymore I just call Amanda when it flares up and after a few sessions I am back to walking without pain.”

-Lynn Gehrke


“You need to contact Amanda and check out her amazing talent. She customizes each and every massage. My husband is a stroke survivor and she absolutely helps him with his right side weakness and sensitivity. For me, as a caregiver, I need to relax and that is what she focuses on for me. When I talk, she talks with me, when I'm quiet, she's quiet. She is, by far the best massage therapist we've ever had. In addition, she has volunteered for our non-profit, doing chair massage for stroke survivors and caregivers. This is one fabulous lady.”

-Marylee Nunley


“I had Amanda work on me a couple weeks ago and my back and my neck are STILL feeling fantastic. She is an amazing therapist and I've recommended her to all my friends. Thanks again my dear, you are one in a million.”

-Molly Richmond


“Amanda is an amazing massage therapist. I have been going to her for at least 4+ years. I had two neck surgeries and now have chronic neck pain, and she has been able to give me great relief. I would strongly recommend her for your therapy needs!!”

-Terri Rees


"Amanda has been my massage therapist for several years. She's worked with me thru several injuries (back & shoulder surgery). Her ability to relieve chronic pain is absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend seeing her. There's just know one better than her!  Guaranteed."

-DeWayne Cassell


"Amanda is a great massage therapist who cares about you and your muscles. She can relax you while working out the kinks."

-Rachael Siegel 


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